We give you all the intelligence you need to analyse your creators and influencers, and assess their impact on your campaigns.

  • Audience Intelligence

    Follower locations and proportion of doubtful followers help you understand who your creators are reaching and if their audience is credible and aligned with your ideal customer.

  • Campaign Performance

    Post insights from thousands of campaigns give you an in-depth understanding of actual reach, impressions, engagement and click-throughs for each creator.

  • Content Performance

    A footprint of primary platforms where the creator publishes helps you understand their performance on different channels.

  • Fair Fees

    The right fee to pay, derived from quality, performance and ratings from previous campaigns.

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  1. This subscription service lets you query any creator on Instagram and TikTok to understand insights about his or her audience, content and paid campaigns.
  2. Your access to the service is subject to terms on fair use and data governance.
  3. For assistance, please email